Apply to the penis
Wait 15 minutes before intercourse
Get to work!

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Throughout the Caribbean, Stone is the most popular used and effective solution for Premature Ejaculation. The Stone is simply a concentrated tree sap formula which solidifies after extracting and then cut into small tic tac sizes looking similar to small pebbles: Hence the name Stone. As Stone became more popular news eventually leaked over the USA and Canada and it became the most sought after natural sexual enhancement formula.
A quick and easy application and the ability to please your partner for hours will be achieved – Guaranteed. It's that simple and safe.
After application it takes a matter of minutes to work and you will be ready for action. Some may take a little longer and others a little less, but the result is the same, longer ride every time.
To date there has been no negative side effects recorded. All effects produced are positive. However, too much may cause a longer than expected erection. We are still trying to figure out if that's a bad thing! However, if you have any cuts or broken skin you should consult a physician before use.
Studies have shown that some males have experienced erections lasting up to 5 times longer while others have experienced a little longer and others a little less. On average your erection will last 5-10 times longer.
Yes! Jamaican Stone is safe and has been in use for centuries and there has not been a report to substantiate the contrary. It's safe and it works!
Jamaican Stone either in the solid form or when applied to the penis is colorless and odorless. No one will detect you are using it unless you tell them.
No. Jamaican Stone is 100% organic and does not contain any drugs, therefore a prescription is not required. To order this product simply click on the order tab at the top of this page for instructions. Fact is, there are millions of men out there that suffer from premature ejaculation, seek to impress or pleasure their new found lover or that want to improve on their sexual performance, the difference between you and them is you know how to !